English to Albanian Meaning of villainous - i ndyrë

Villainous :
i ndyrë
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Definitions of villainous in English
Examples of villainous in English
(1) Kenneth Branagh preens himself amusingly as buttery fop, explorer and new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart; Jason Isaacs is disdain personified as the villainous Lucius Malfoy.(2) Even The Beatles, who had learned their trade in the villainous atmosphere of Hamburg's Star Club, were eased into suits and smiles for consumption by the genteel British public.(3) Britain has become a bolt-hole for villainous individuals and criminal organisations from all over the world.(4) With the images of terror still vividly etched in our personal and collective consciousness, it is easy and tempting to project all of modern evil on to terrorists or other villainous people.(5) In this critically acclaimed performance, the actor explores and analyses some of Shakespeare's most villainous characters like Lago, the Macbeths, Shylock and Richard III.(6) He shot Janine a villainous grin as he pulled the car from his parking spot, she gave him an unamused look, but it became a playful grin seconds later.(7) What barbarous, villainous , and depraved acts did he commit that labor leaders and heads of national liberal groups denounce him as the enemy of minorities, the poor, women, and the environment?(8) What course will justice take to make those responsible for the villainous wickedness perpetrated on the silent victims pay?(9) ‘I always play bad guys, misunderstood beings,’ says Fraser, who recently lit up the stage as the villainous servant Dubois in Marivaux's Counterfeit Secrets.(10) Charlie also is trying to escape the clutches of the villainous Rafi, who has masterminded the evil plot.(11) Mr Johnnie Walker, on the other hand, is a villainous incorporation of bloodthirsty evil as he murders cats, devours their hearts live and deep freezes their heads.(12) John Kesterton, the deputy headmaster of Tadcaster Grammar School, takes the role of the villainous Bill Sykes, whose poor, unfortunate girlfriend Nancy is played by Tamsin Chadwick, while Shelley Cook is Bet.(13) The result of this majestic writing spree is the swashbuckling tale of heroic Prince Rama and his allies, and their universe-rattling battle with the villainous demon king Totsakan and his unruly cohorts.(14) Anderson is an evil, reckless, villainous outlaw - in her own words.(15) In the soap, Richard Hillman gained infamy for his dodgy dealings and ruthless behaviour, killing anyone who got in the way of villainous schemes.(16) Engaged on a somewhat illegal errand for his brother Darren, in prison on a drugs charge, he witnesses a gangland murder carried out by the villainous Harry Taylor.
(1) Viking ::
1. wicked ::
i lig
2. evil ::
e keqe
3. iniquitous ::
i padrejtë
4. sinful ::
5. nefarious ::
i poshtër
6. vile ::
i turpshëm
7. foul ::
8. monstrous ::
i përçudnuar
9. outrageous ::
i egër
10. atrocious ::
11. abominable ::
i neveritshëm
12. reprehensible ::
i dënueshëm
13. hateful ::
14. odious ::
i neveritshëm
15. contemptible ::
i përbuzshëm
16. horrible ::
i tmerrshëm
17. heinous ::
i urryer
18. egregious ::
19. diabolical ::
20. flagitious ::
tepër i lig
21. fiendish ::
22. vicious ::
i egër
23. murderous ::
24. criminal ::
25. illicit ::
i paligjshëm
26. unlawful ::
i paligjshëm
27. illegal ::
i paligjshëm
28. lawless ::
pa ligje
29. immoral ::
30. corrupt ::
e korruptuar
31. degenerate ::
i degjeneruar
32. sordid ::
i ndyrë
33. depraved ::
i prishur
34. dishonest ::
i pandershëm
35. dishonorable ::
i turpshëm
36. unscrupulous ::
i paskrupull
37. unprincipled ::
pa moral
38. crooked ::
i shtrembër
39. bent ::
40. lowdown ::
41. dirty ::
42. shady ::
me hije
43. dastardly ::
i poshtër
English to Albanian Dictionary: villainous

Meaning and definitions of villainous, translation in Albanian language for villainous with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of villainous in Albanian and in English language.

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What villainous means in Albanian, villainous meaning in Albanian, villainous definition, examples and pronunciation of villainous in Albanian language.

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