English to Albanian Meaning of uncouth - i pagdhendur

Uncouth :
i pagdhendur

i panjohur, rum, i çuditshëm, i pagdhendur, i thyer, i papërpunuar, kureshtar, i rastësishëm, i pamësuar, papërdorura të, nis, i rrallë, i pazhvilluar, i parafinuar, i deformuar, i lënë pas dore, i shëmtuar, si elefant, i vështirë, si fara e keqe, i ngathët, guak

i pagdhenduruncouthly
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Definitions of uncouth in English
Adjective(1) lacking refinement or cultivation or taste
Examples of uncouth in English
(1) ÔÇÿWell, you're not going back to school until September, so we have a while,ÔÇÖ Elaine said sensibly, slightly annoyed by Gabriella's uncouth laughter.(2) ÔÇÿYou had a beard,ÔÇÖ she said, ÔÇÿdark in parts, still somewhat ragged and uncouth , not at all sophisticated.ÔÇÖ(3) Max is unsophisticated, uncouth , rough and tough - but his heart is in the right place.(4) Unless he's uncouth and rude, give him a chance.(5) You are the rudest, most foul, vulgar, offensive, and uncouth child I've ever seen!(6) I haven't done anything to you, so I can't see the reason why I am treated in such an uncouth manner.(7) ÔÇÿHis art was called original, free, honest and strong, as well as crude and uncouth ,ÔÇÖ said Conrads.(8) It turns out that she has a few skeletons in her closet, including parents who could optimistically be considered uncouth and a husband, Jake, who has refused to give her a divorce.(9) The drawings share some of the sculptures' rough and uncouth qualities: the line is generally neutral, even unmodulated, and acquires power through repetition rather than finesse.(10) Now they're being told they are uncouth as wellÔǪ(11) Shouting matches in the street are so uncouth , but sometimes you've just gotta.(12) Make no mistake, Harris is still sneering at the uncouth accents of his compatriots, except now he calls them consumers instead of hicks and they live in a subdivision instead of a holler.(13) I hardly see how one person can cause all of that to happen and ruin a whole day, no matter how uncouth he is.(14) If, while performing his duties, he was approached by petitioners who seemed uncouth or outlandish, he should not gawk or make them feel uncomfortable; rather, he should treat them politely and proceed with business as usual.(15) The left thinks him politically uncouth; the right thinks him socially uncouth .(16) The uncouth language of the younger generation was particularly distressing.
(1) what's-his-face ::
ç'është e tij-fytyrë
(2) uncountable noun ::
emer i panumerueshem
1. uncivilized ::
i paqytetëruar
2. uncultured ::
i pazhvilluar
3. uncultivated ::
i papunuar
4. unrefined ::
i parafinuar
5. unpolished ::
6. unsophisticated ::
i thjeshtë
7. bush-league ::
8. common ::
i zakonshëm
9. plebeian ::
njeri i pagdhendur
10. low ::
11. rough ::
i përafërt
12. rough-hewn ::
13. coarse ::
i trashë
14. loutish ::
15. boorish ::
i vrazhdë
17. troglodyte ::
banor shpellash
18. churlish ::
i ashpër
19. uncivil ::
i paqytetëruar
20. rude ::
i vrazhdë
21. impolite ::
i pasjellshëm
22. discourteous ::
i pasjellshëm
24. unmannerly ::
i paedukuar
25. bad-mannered ::
26. ill-bred ::
i paedukuar
27. indecorous ::
i pahijshëm
28. crass ::
i pagdhendur
29. indelicate ::
30. vulgar ::
31. crude ::
i papërpunuar
32. raunchy ::
1. civilized ::
i qytetëruar
2. cultivated ::
i kultivuar
3. cultured ::
i kulturuar
4. genteel ::
i sjellshëm
5. polished ::
i lëmuar
6. refined ::
i rafinuar
7. smooth ::
8. well-bred ::
i edukuar
Different Forms
uncouth, uncouthly
Word Example from TV Shows
Uncouth, even, but exciting.

Uncouth, even, but exciting.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 4

English to Albanian Dictionary: uncouth

Meaning and definitions of uncouth, translation in Albanian language for uncouth with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of uncouth in Albanian and in English language.

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What uncouth means in Albanian, uncouth meaning in Albanian, uncouth definition, examples and pronunciation of uncouth in Albanian language.

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