English to Albanian Meaning of heavy - i rëndë

Heavy :
i rëndë

i rëndë, masiv, i pjekur, me peshë, i nderuar, i mbushur plot, i tepërt, i vështirë, plumbi, i fortë, me push, si lëkurë, i thyer, i pjerrët, i zellshëm, i mundimshëm, i ashpër, i pamend, kokëbosh, butë koka, serioz, i matur, i përmbajtur, i trishtuar, jointeresant, thatë, i akullt, gri, i urtë, i thjeshtë, i ngadalshëm, budalla, i paedukuar, kokëtul, muskuloz, i gjerë, i madh, yndyrë, i pikëlluar, i zymtë, i errët, i rëndësishëm, shumë i rëndësishëm, Më vjen keq, i trashë, shëndoshet, mbledhje, shtypës, i mjerë, tragjik, i mbushur

ai që çonheaversheaviesi rëndë
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Definitions of heavy in English
Noun(1) an actor who plays villainous roles(2) a serious (or tragic
Adjective(1) of comparatively great physical weight or density(2) unusually great in degree or quantity or number(3) of the military or industry; using (or being, such as steel(4) marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness(5) usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it(6) (used of soil(7) darkened by clouds(8) of great intensity or power or force(9) (physics, chemistry(10) (of an actor or role(11) permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter(12) of relatively large extent and density(13) made of fabric having considerable thickness(14) prodigious(15) full and loud and deep(16) given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors
Adverb(1) slowly as if burdened by much weight
Examples of heavy in English
(1) His hair was tousled, his eyes were heavy and he smiled at her sleepily.(2) From the casino floor, you go through a door in the corner of the casino, guarded by a heavy .(3) Although they look like bags of flour, they are heavy and difficult to lift.(4) There is a lot of laughter, no doubt fueled by the heavy in the beer tent.(5) While his voice was hardly dissenting, it was heavy with cautiousness and pragmatism.(6) Additionally, I garden on quite heavy soil with a good population of slugs and snails.(7) As they rushed by, Mark glanced their faces, which were characterized by heavy Mexican features.(8) It's best to adopt a light attitude especially in serious, heavy matters and remain in touch with your sense of humour.(9) a heavy fine(10) the ground is very heavy here(11) The fragrance is intense and long stems are heavy with deep-orange pollen that stains if brushed against.(12) I see him riding a tricycle slowly through heavy traffic.(13) The heavy rain that fell last weekend had cleared up by yesterday when crowds gathered to watch hundreds of teens of all shapes and sizes in action.(14) It's time to call in the heavy artillery: the president of the United States.(15) I have a horrible dry throat and my eyes are heavy and tired.(16) With around 15 minutes to go, they were up to third place but the weather took a final twist as heavy rain fell in the last 10 minutes of the race.
Related Phrases of heavy
(1) heavy metal ::
metaleve të rënda
(2) heavy rain ::
shi i rëndë
(3) heavy traffic ::
trafik i rënduar
(4) heavy cream ::
Krem i rëndë
(5) too heavy ::
shume e rende
(6) very heavy ::
shume e rende
(7) little heavy ::
pak e rëndë
(8) heavy load ::
peshë të rëndë
(9) heavy snow ::
bora e madhe
(10) heavy smoker ::
duhanxhi rëndë
1. weighty ::
i pjekur
2. overweight ::
3. forceful ::
i fortë
4. arduous ::
i pjerrët
5. onerous ::
i vështirë
6. dense ::
i dendur
7. overcast ::
i mbuluar me re
8. torrential ::
si rrëke
10. sizable ::
i konsiderueshëm
11. tempestuous ::
i stuhishëm
12. intense ::
i madh
13. immoderate ::
i papërmbajtur
14. substantial ::
i konsiderueshëm
15. abounding in ::
tepruar në
16. lethargic ::
17. sad ::
i trishtuar
18. tedious ::
i lodhshëm
19. laden ::
i ngarkuar
20. bountiful ::
21. coarse ::
i trashë
22. leaden ::
23. grave ::
24. impenetrable ::
i padepërtueshëm
25. big ::
i madh
26. wakeless ::
i rëndë
27. weighed down ::
28. gravid ::
29. threatening ::
30. labored ::
i mundimshëm
31. fleshy ::
me mish
32. intemperate ::
i papërmbajtur
33. ponderous ::
me peshë
34. toilsome ::
i mundimshëm
35. sonorous ::
36. heavily ::
1. light ::
Different Forms
heaver, heavers, heavies, heavy
Word Example from TV Shows
and I'm gonna stuff his hide
for a heavy bag,

and I'm gonna stuff his hide for a HEAVY bag,

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 2

Shame was so heavy on me,
I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep.

Shame was so HEAVY on me, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7

The file load is way too heavy.

The file load is way too HEAVY.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 10

I-I don't know.
Sounds kind of heavy.

I-I don't know. Sounds kind of HEAVY.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 5

With a heavy heart, when old good Angelito

With a HEAVY heart, when old good Angelito

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 10

English to Albanian Dictionary: heavy

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