English to Albanian Meaning of absorption - thithje

Absorption :

eksitim, thithje, duhet, çmenduri, vëmendje, përthithës, shfrytëzimi, thith

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Definitions of absorption in English
Noun(1) (chemistry(2) (physics(3) the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another(4) the process of absorbing nutrients into the body after digestion(5) complete attention; intense mental effort(6) the mental state of being preoccupied by something
Examples of absorption in English
(1) His absorption with the world of advertising and the intricacies associated with it find dominant echoes in his works.(2) Brenna abruptly looked up, her absorption with the piece broken.(3) His apparent absorption in his own thoughts borders on the rude.(4) To be sure, his later absorption in philosophy made him neglect his private affairs and he eventually fell to a level of comparative poverty.(5) The speaker's absorption in the beautiful image turns him into a Narcissus who can never be satisfied.(6) Instead of ending the play with the hitman's absorption into the group, however, there's a gratuitous plot-twist.(7) They solubilize dietary lipids facilitating their hydrolysis by lipases and their absorption into the bloodstream.(8) Wilder captures the childlike adoration of the father and absorption in the way the world works.(9) shock absorption(10) Cholesterol taken up by bacterial cells in the intestine is unlikely to be available for absorption into the blood.(11) Essentially it is made of bones known as vertebrae with a disc for shock absorption between the vertebrae.(12) Shock absorption is especially important for fitness instructors.(13) Psychologists talk about flow, a term that describes a state of total absorption in a task, and in which people are often at their happiest.(14) In children the problems of poor vitamin and mineral absorption can cause stunted growth and dental problems if the condition is not recognised.(15) His love for Sydney and his total absorption in the affairs of his adopted country never wavered.(16) But milk appeared to inhibit the antioxidant potential of the flavonoids, reducing their absorption into the bloodstream.
Related Phrases of absorption
(1) absorption costing ::
thithjen kushton
(2) self-absorption ::
(3) absorption coefficient ::
koeficienti i përthithjes
(4) absorption spectrum ::
spektër absorbimi
1. soaking up ::
njomje deri
2. incorporation ::
3. involvement in ::
përfshirja në
4. engrossment ::
5. assimilation ::
1. inattention ::
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