Albanian to English Meaning :: zë
zë: Block out   Caulk   Occupy   Plug up   Shut out   Voice   Vox   
Block out :
Caulk :
Synonyms :
Calk, Caulking
English Meaning :
(Noun : A waterproof filler and sealant that is used in building and repair to make watertight)
(Verb : Seal with caulking)
Example : They will eat almost anything, including caulk and adhesives, but they particularly like greasy materials.
Occupy :
Synonyms :
Live in, Take up, Hold, Engage, Capture, Lodge in, Busy, Worry, Absorb, Take, Invade, Fill
English Meaning :
(Verb : Keep busy with)
Example : Why should psychology occupy a central position at all levels of education?
Word Example from TV Shows :
A group of young people\\Nstart to occupy the Puerta del Sol,\0

 A group of young people
start to OCCUPY the Puerta del Sol, (Money Heist Season 1, Episode 8)

Plug up :
Shut out :
Voice :
Synonyms :
Power of speech, Expression, Opinion, Say, Spokesperson, Vocalisation, Representative, Articulation, Part, Express, Vocalize
English Meaning :
(Noun : The distinctive quality or pitch or condition of a person's speech)
(Verb : Give voice to)
Example : In other words, I must become a string theorist to voice an opinion about it.
Word Example from TV Shows :
<font color=\(IN BABY-TALK VOICE) Ooh, who\'s got the sweetest kisses? " title="(IN BABY-TALK VOICE) Ooh, who\'s got the sweetest kisses? " style="width: 100%;padding-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px;border: 0;" width="100%" loading="lazy">

 (IN BABY-TALK VOICE) Ooh, who's got the sweetest kisses? (The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 21)

Vox :
Synonyms :
Vocalisation, Vocalization, Phonation, Vocalism, Voice
English Meaning :
(Noun : The sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract)
Example : I could put TONS of reverb on my vox .

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