Albanian to English Meaning :: tiranizoj
tiranizoj: Domineer   Tyrannize   
Domineer :
Synonyms :
Browbeat, Bully, Intimidate, Push around/about, Order about/around, Lord it over, Dictate to, Be overbearing, Have under one's thumb, Rule with a rod of iron, Boss about/around, Walk all over
English Meaning :
(Verb : Rule or exercise power over (somebody)
Example : She said he was domineering and had persuaded her to go.
Tyrannize :
Synonyms :
Dominate, Tyrannise, Grind down
English Meaning :
(Verb : Rule a country as a tyrant)
Example : The next question he had for me concerned who ÔÇÿtheyÔÇÖ were and why I was allowing them to tyrannize me.

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