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themelor: Basal   Basic   Constitutive   Underlying   
Basal :
Synonyms :
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Especially of leaves; located at the base of a plant or stem; especially arising directly from the root or rootstock or a root-like stem)
Example : These cells originate in the lower epidermis by division of basal cells in the basal layer.
Word Example from TV Shows :
...where my basal ganglia are occupied
with a routine task...

...where my BASAL ganglia are occupied with a routine task...

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 14
Basic :
Synonyms :
Fundamental, Plain, Introductory, Canonical, Staple
English Meaning :
(Noun : A popular programming language that is relatively easy to learn; an acronym for beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code; no longer in general use)
(Adjective : Pertaining to or constituting a base or basis)
Example : the menu's pretty basic
Word Example from TV Shows :
- I don't believe it.
- I know. It's basic culinary science.

- I don't believe it. - I know. It's BASIC culinary science.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 14
Constitutive :
Synonyms :
Organic, Constitutional, Constituent
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)
Example : He saw quite clearly that if Christians were to assume the task of forming the ethos of modern societies, the ‘myths’ once thought constitutive of the Christian faith must be rejected or reinterpreted.
Underlying :
Synonyms :
Fundamental, Latent, Rudimentary, Inherent
English Meaning :
(Verb : Be or form the base for)
(Adjective : In the nature of something though not readily apparent)
Word Example from TV Shows :
and the underlying region

and the UNDERLYING region

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3

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