Albanian to English Meaning :: rrëmbëj
rrëmbëj: Abduct   Flick out   Hijack   Whip   Wrest   
Abduct :
Synonyms :
Kidnap, Carry off, Seize, Capture, Run away/off with, Make off with, Spirit away, Snatch, Shanghai
English Meaning :
(Verb : Take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom)
Example : In the shoulder girdle, the serratus anterior and pectoralis minor muscles contract to abduct the scapula on the up phase.
Word Example from TV Shows :
A foreign whore you can\'t abduct,
beat or intimidate.

 A foreign whore you can't ABDUCT, beat or intimidate. (Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 7)

Flick out :
Hijack :
Synonyms :
Highjack, Commandeer, Seize, Take over, Take control, Skyjack, Carjack, Appropriate, Expropriate, Confiscate, Co-opt
English Meaning :
(Noun : Seizure of a vehicle in transit either to rob it or divert it to an alternate destination)
(Verb : Take arbitrarily or by force)
Example : You can snatch weapons from your enemies' hands and hijack their all-new vehicles.
Word Example from TV Shows :
I can\'t believe you\'re trying
to hijack our son\'s name.

 I can't believe you're trying to HIJACK our son's name. (The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 16)

Whip :
Synonyms :
Lash, Whiplash, Party whip, Flog, Whisk, Rouse, Pull, Lash, Worst, Strap, Blister
English Meaning :
(Noun : An instrument with a handle and a flexible lash that is used for whipping)
(Verb : Beat severely with a whip or rod)
Example : And he won't be trying to crack the whip to keep an absurdly wide coalition government together.
Word Example from TV Shows :
Indiana Jones was the one
in the hat with the whip.

 Indiana Jones was the one in the hat with the WHIP. (The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 4)

Wrest :
Synonyms :
Wrench, Snatch, Seize, Grab, Pry, Pluck, Tug, Pull, Jerk, Dislodge, Remove, Yank
English Meaning :
(Verb : Obtain by seizing forcibly or violently, also metaphorically)
Example : A battle is raging between those who feel Internet users should control their own time online and those trying to wrest that control away.

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