Albanian to English Meaning :: pjell
pjell: Calve   Farrow   Fawn   
Calve :
Synonyms :
Break up
English Meaning :
(Verb : Release ice)
Example : Using stable sea kayaks, we'll explore a remote corner of this region, search for wildlife in sheltered coves, and watch glaciers calve into ice-choked bays.
Farrow :
Synonyms :
English Meaning :
(Noun : The production of a litter of pigs)
(Verb : Give birth to (piglets)
Example : Disposal costs were estimated for a swine production system that needs to dispose of 40,000 pounds/year or 110 lb. / day, as would be the case in a 300 sow farrow to finish operation with average death losses.
Fawn :
Synonyms :
Dun, Be obsequious to, Be sycophantic to, Curry favor with, Flatter, Play up to, Crawl to, Ingratiate oneself with, Dance attendance on, Suck up to, Be all over, Brown-nose, Toady
English Meaning :
(Noun : A color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color)
(Verb : Show submission or fear)
Example : His facial fur was dark fawn with lighter streaks running back into his ruff, his eyes a glacial green.

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