Albanian to English Meaning :: parandjenjë
parandjenjë: Foreboding   
Foreboding :
Synonyms :
Apprehension, Anxiety, Trepidation, Disquiet, Unease, Uneasiness, Misgiving, Suspicion, Worry, Fear, Fearfulness, Dread, Alarm, The willies, The heebie-jeebies, The jitters, The creeps, Fateful, Portentous, Presage, Augur, Portend, Herald, Warn of, Forewarn of, Foreshadow, Be an omen of, Indicate, Signify, Signal, Promise, Threaten, Spell, Denote, Betoken, Foretoken
English Meaning :
(Noun : A feeling of evil to come)
(Verb : Make a prediction about; tell in advance)
(Adjective : Ominously prophetic)
Example : While ambiguity is probably the most important feature of Nostradamus's prophecies, another notable feature is their dark, foreboding quality.

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