Albanian to English Meaning :: përlaj
përlaj: Filch   Mulct   
Filch :
Synonyms :
Steal, Take, Take for oneself, Help oneself to, Loot, Pilfer, Abscond with, Carry off, Shoplift, Run off with, Walk off with, Rob, Swipe, Snatch, Nab, Rip off, Lift
English Meaning :
(Verb : Make off with belongings of others)
Example : Although the Princeton official's motives were not revealed, the break-in was thought to be an academic Watergate, an illicit attempt to filch information on what the competition was up to.
Mulct :
Synonyms :
Amercement, Fine, Goldbrick, Con, Swindle, Gip, Bunco, Diddle, Hornswoggle, Scam, Nobble, Defraud, Victimize, Short-change, Gyp, Rook
English Meaning :
(Noun : Money extracted as a penalty)
(Verb : Deprive of by deceit)
Example : In the Gula-Thing law it is written that the murderer's family had to pay a mulct of 189 cows for the killing of a freeholder.

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