Albanian to English Meaning :: njeri i trashë
njeri i trashë: Dunce   Thick man   
Dunce :
njeri i trashë
Synonyms :
Fool, Idiot, Stupid person, Simpleton, Ignoramus, Dullard, Dummy, Dumbo, Thickhead, Nitwit, Dimwit, Halfwit, Moron, Cretin, Imbecile, Lamer, Dope, Boob, Chump, Hoser, Numbskull, Numbnuts, Nincompoop, Mouth-breather, Fathead, Airhead, Butthead, Birdbrain, Scissorbill, Peabrain, Ninny, Ass, Doofus, Goof, Meatball, Schmuck, Bozo, Lummox, Knuckle-dragger
English Meaning :
(Noun : A stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence)
Example : The prose is clear enough that a math dunce like me can grasp it, and the superhero examples are enough, I think, to interest even someone who already knows physics.
Word Example from TV Shows :
These guys usually get a dunce
to pull the trigger, right?

 These guys usually get a DUNCE to pull the trigger, right? (Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 8)

Thick man :
njeri i trashë

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