Albanian to English Meaning :: njeri i përkëdhelur
njeri i përkëdhelur: Cosset   Minion   
Cosset :
njeri i përkëdhelur
Synonyms :
Pamper, Indulge, Overindulge, Mollycoddle, Coddle, Baby, Pet, Mother, Nanny, Nursemaid, Pander to, Spoil, Wait on someone hand and foot
English Meaning :
(Verb : Treat with excessive indulgence)
Example : Here are a few drinks ideas to help cosset your mum on Mothering Sunday.
Minion :
njeri i përkëdhelur
Synonyms :
Underling, Henchman, Flunky, Lackey, Hanger-on, Follower, Servant, Hireling, Vassal, Stooge, Toady, Sycophant, Yes-man, Trained seal, Bootlicker, Brown-noser, Suck-up
English Meaning :
(Noun : A servile or fawning dependant)
Example : I was wary of her when she first started as the minion of our group at work but we became close through our appreciation of food and sarcastic wit, which no one else quite understood.

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