Albanian to English Meaning :: ngjesh
ngjesh: Compress   Masticate   Ram down   
Compress :
Synonyms :
Squeeze, Abridge, Pack together
English Meaning :
(Noun : A cloth pad or dressing (with or without medication, to relieve discomfort or reduce fever)
(Verb : Make more compact by or as if by pressing)
Example : in this chapter we compress into summary form the main findings
Masticate :
Synonyms :
Chew, Munch, Champ, Chomp, Crunch, Eat, Manducate
English Meaning :
(Verb : Grind and knead)
Example : All in all, almost everyone involved (plus quite a few others) had been implicated, with the exception of Tom, who continued to masticate the meat chunk ferally.
Ram down :

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