Albanian to English Meaning :: miratim
miratim: Approbation   Approval   Assent   Endorsement   
Approbation :
Synonyms :
Approval, Acceptance, Endorsement, Appreciation, Respect, Admiration, Commendation, Praise, Congratulations, Acclaim, Esteem, Applause, Consent, Laudation
English Meaning :
(Noun : Official approval)
Example : a term of approbation
Approval :
Synonyms :
Acceptance, Approbation, Blessing, Commendation
English Meaning :
(Noun : The formal act of approving)
Example : step-parents need to win a child's approval
Word Example from TV Shows :
...and in no mood
to satisfy your need for approval.

...and in no mood to satisfy your need for APPROVAL.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 11
Assent :
Synonyms :
Agreement, Acceptance, Approval, Approbation, Consent, Acquiescence, Compliance, Concurrence, Sanction, Endorsement, Confirmation, Permission, Leave, Blessing, The go-ahead, The nod, The green light, The OK, The thumbs up, Agree to, Accept, Approve, Consent to, Acquiesce in, Concur in, Give one's blessing to, Sanction, Endorse, Confirm, Give the go-ahead to, Give the nod to, Give the green light to, Give the OK to, OK, Give the thumbs up to, Accede to
English Meaning :
(Noun : Agreement with a statement or proposal to do something)
(Verb : To agree or express agreement)
Example : The thesis received respectful attention, but it did not win assent or committed followers.
Endorsement :
Synonyms :
Support, Indorsement, Secondment, Countenance
English Meaning :
(Noun : )
Example : Search engines interpret links to your site as an indicator of public endorsement .
Word Example from TV Shows :
Mostly fine. Okay, well,
there's a ringing endorsement.

Mostly fine. Okay, well, there's a ringing ENDORSEMENT.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 9

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