Albanian to English Meaning :: i shëndoshë
i shëndoshë: Corpulent   Portly   
Corpulent :
i shëndoshë
Synonyms :
Fat, Obese, Overweight, Plump, Portly, Stout, Chubby, Paunchy, Beer-bellied, Heavy, Bulky, Chunky, Well-upholstered, Well padded, Well covered, Meaty, Fleshy, Rotund, Broad in the beam, Tubby, Pudgy, Beefy, Porky, Roly-poly, Blubbery, Corn-fed, Abdominous
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Excessively fat)
Example : His corpulent figure and indolent manner belied ambition and a keen political intelligence.
Portly :
i shëndoshë
Synonyms :
Stout, Plump, Fat, Overweight, Heavy, Corpulent, Fleshy, Paunchy, Potbellied, Well padded, Rotund, Stocky, Heavyset, Bulky, Tubby, Roly-poly, Beefy, Porky, Pudgy, Corn-fed
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Euphemisms for `fat')
Example : Sometimes too portly to actually star on-screen, he often provided a smooth-toned voiceover for more handsome leading men.

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