Albanian to English Meaning :: i pjerrët
i pjerrët: Arduous   Bevel   Declivitous   Oblique   
Arduous :
i pjerrët
Synonyms :
Onerous, Strenuous, Toilsome
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort)
Example : Thanks to everyone who gave their time and effort to the arduous task.
Word Example from TV Shows :
Yeah, my arduous journey, however,
was for naught.

 Yeah, my ARDUOUS journey, however, was for naught. (The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 5)

Bevel :
i pjerrët
Synonyms :
Slope, Slant, Angle, Cant, Miter, Chamfer, Bezel, Chamfer
English Meaning :
(Noun : Two surfaces meeting at an angle different from 90 degrees)
(Verb : Cut a bevel on; shape to a bevel)
Example : Angle the blade against the stone until you think you're contacting the edge bevel , then push the blade lightly along as if you were trying to slice off a paper-thin wafer of stone.
Declivitous :
i pjerrët
Synonyms :
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Sloping down rather steeply)
Oblique :
i pjerrët
Synonyms :
Slanting, Indirect, Sidelong, Devious, Oblique case
English Meaning :
(Noun : Any grammatical case other than the nominative)
(Adjective : Slanting or inclined in direction or course or position--neither parallel nor perpendicular nor right-angled)
Example : In this watershed sequence, the oblique angles and edgy camerawork signal the presence of Jeffrey's gaze as his invisible aura surrounds Susan in her destitution.

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