Albanian to English Meaning :: i paqytetëruar
i paqytetëruar: Uncivil   Uncivilized   
Uncivil :
i paqytetëruar
Synonyms :
Impolite, Rude, Discourteous, Disrespectful, Unmannerly, Bad-mannered, Impertinent, Impudent, Ungracious, Brusque, Sharp, Curt, Offhand, Gruff, Churlish, Snippy
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Lacking civility or good manners)
Example : Various forms of generalised insult and uncivil ad hominem attack have too often been the norm, and the opportunity for factual and disciplined analysis of where Lomborg's book may be wrong is largely forgone.
Uncivilized :
i paqytetëruar
Synonyms :
Uncouth, Coarse, Rough, Boorish, Vulgar, Philistine, Uneducated, Uncultured, Uncultivated, Benighted, Unsophisticated, Unpolished, Ill-bred, Ill-mannered, Thuggish, Loutish, Redneck, Barbarian, Primitive, Savage, Brutish, Rude
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Without civilizing influences)
Example : The first he would have described as a natural system - like a primitive state of nature, an uncivilized , anarchic world where the most powerful tyrannize the rest.

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