Albanian to English Meaning :: i pamësuar
i pamësuar: Inexpert   Unaccustomed   Unlearned   
Inexpert :
i pamësuar
Synonyms :
Unskilled, Unskillful, Amateur, Amateurish, Unprofessional, Inexperienced, Inept, Incompetent, Maladroit, Uncoordinated, Clumsy, Bungling, Blundering, Ham-handed, Ham-fisted, Butterfingered
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Lacking professional skill or expertise)
Example : The photographic evidence, at least to the inexpert eye, seems very strong.
Unaccustomed :
i pamësuar
Synonyms :
Unused to, New to, Fresh to, Unfamiliar with, Inexperienced in, Unconversant with, Unacquainted with
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Unusual or unfamiliar)
Example : Colin Bell, back on the ground where he first made his mark in soccer, limped through the game in an unaccustomed centre half role, but still had the skill to control a ball and make good use of the possession.
Word Example from TV Shows :
Impossible as it seems, there was a time
when I was unaccustomed to wine.

 Impossible as it seems, there was a time when I was UNACCUSTOMED to wine. (Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 9)

Unlearned :
i pamësuar
Synonyms :
Unlettered, Nescient, Ignorant
English Meaning :
(Adjective : )
(Verb : )
Example : Further, if the general levels of literacy and learning cited by these studies is accurate, should we perhaps look differently at the evidence found in the Apophthegmata Patrum regarding tensions between learned and unlearned monks?

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