Albanian to English Meaning :: guak
guak: Gawk   Gawky   
Gawk :
Synonyms :
Lummox, Clod, Lump, Stumblebum, Lubber, Goon, Lout, Oaf, Gape, Goggle, Gaze, Ogle, Stare, Stare open-mouthed, Rubberneck
English Meaning :
(Noun : An awkward stupid person)
(Verb : Look with amazement; look stupidly)
Example : It's nice to think there was a time when I was small and cute and didn't list disturbingly between being a lanky gawk and an oafish lump.
Word Example from TV Shows :
Can't you tell when
a man's just here to gawk
at the merchandise?

Can't you tell when a man's just here to GAWK at the merchandise?

Westworld Season 2, Episode 7
Gawky :
Synonyms :
Awkward, Ungainly, Gangling, Maladroit, Clumsy, Klutzy, Inelegant, Uncoordinated, Graceless, Ungraceful, Unconfident, Unsophisticated
English Meaning :
(Adjective : Lacking grace in movement or posture)
Example : Chris was nearly eighteen and though he was tall, filled out with spiky black hair and handsome features, he still felt awkward, gawky , and ugly.

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