Albanian to English Meaning :: fluturoj
fluturoj: Blow off   Flit   Fly   Soar   
Blow off :
Flit :
Synonyms :
Dart, Dance, Skip, Play, Dash, Trip, Flutter, Bob, Bounce, Dart
English Meaning :
(Noun : A sudden quick movement)
(Verb : Move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart)
Example : Crowds have swelled to capacity, increasing pressure for the club to move to a 55,000-ground at the waterfront, a flit which remains uncertain for financial reasons.
Word Example from TV Shows :
Must be exciting to flit
from one camp to the next,

Must be exciting to FLIT from one camp to the next,

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2
Fly :
Synonyms :
Fly sheet, Fly ball, Travel through the air, Travel by airplane/plane, Transport by airplane/plane, Pilot, Display, Flutter, Go quickly, Vaporize, Flee, Wing, Fell, Aviate
English Meaning :
(Noun : Two-winged insects characterized by active flight)
(Verb : Travel through the air; be airborne)
(Adjective : (British informal)
Example : And now Edward, in his turn, was compelled to fly from the country, and to take refuge with his brother-in-law, the Duke of Burgundy.
Word Example from TV Shows : see a guy everyone knows can fly, fly. see a guy everyone knows can FLY, FLY.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 24
Soar :
Synonyms :
Fly, Glide, Increase, Sailplane, Soar up, Zoom
English Meaning :
(Noun : The act of rising upward into the air)
(Verb : Rise rapidly)
Example : the cost of living continued to soar
Word Example from TV Shows :
your self-confidence will soar.

your self-confidence will SOAR.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 10

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